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Root causes of pyorrhea (also known as gum disease, periodontitis)

Fogínysorvadás kezelése és megelőzése parodontológus segítségével
Fogínysorvadás kezelése és megelőzése parodontológus segítségével

The main cause of  gum disease is the imbalance of the microflora, which leads to the growth of certain damaging bacteria. Together with food debris containing sugar, these bacteria form pellicle on the teeth. If the pellicle is not removed in time, it congeals and deposits on our teeth.

As the process progresses, the gums become inflamed and recede away from the teeth. ‘Pockets’, or gaps, form between the teeth and gum line, making it easy for disease-causing bacteria to build up. The toxin produced by the bacteria attacks not only the tissues of the gum, but the periodontium and the bone around the teeth as well.

As a result, our teeth, which are healthy otherwise, become loose, and if gum disease or periodontal disease is not treated in time, these teeth can be lost.

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