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    Removable prostheses

    Even nowadays, most people dislike removable prosthetics. However, compared to the removable replacement types used before, now much more aesthetic-looking, comfortable and functionally better replacement teeth are available.
 A removable tooth replacement may be complete or partial, and it can be fixed in the mouth in various different ways. It is usually the number and position of the remaining original teeth that determine which type is the most ideal for the patient.


    Fixation of removable dentures by dental implantation


    In this case 2 to 4 implants are necessary to provide stability and complete fixation for the removable replacement teeth. There are no disadvantages regarding chewing and speaking. The removable prosthetics should be taken out only when cleaning of the area below the replacement is necessary.

    Due to implantation, the removable tooth replacement has a stable anchorage and it will not move or wobble during use. This means a significant improvement in the quality of life of patients with complete tooth loss.

    Removable prosthetics

    In case of complete tooth loss, a removable tooth replacement is necessary. This may be a conventional tooth replacement without anchorage. However, an implant-supported removable complete denture is a much more comfortable option.

    In contrast to circular bridges fixed on implants, these tooth replacements require much fewer implants. Sometimes this solution is much more cost-effective and quicker for the patient.

    Bölcsességfog eltávolítás, implantáció

    2 to 4 implants are enough to appropriately fix complete removable prosthetics, and the tooth replacement should be removed only for cleaning. This type of tooth replacement is very stable; it does not wobble and it is not an inconvenience for the user.

    Removable partial tooth replacement

    The advantage of a removable partial tooth replacement is that it makes it possible to replace several missing teeth next to each other without requiring complicated dental or dental surgical procedures.

    When the number or position of the existing teeth is not sufficient for a fixed tooth replacement, the solution is a removable partial tooth replacement. A high-quality solution is a replacement anchored by fasteners (‘snaps’). In this case crowns are placed on the remaining teeth. One side of the fastener is fixed on these crowns, while the other part is located on the removable tooth replacement. The tooth replacement may be fixed or removed with these snaps.

    This small precision mechanics fixation is positioned below the denture, so it is completely invisible. This removable tooth replacement is stable, aesthetic-looking and easy to use.

    In case the patient is not willing to use a removable prosthetics, it is possible to prepare a fixed bridge or circular bridge with implants. See the details above at ‘fixed tooth replacement placed on implants’.

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