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    Microscopic root canal treatment

    What are the benefits of root canal treatment with a microscope?

    The most advanced method of root canal treatment available nowadays is a special dental microscope procedure called microscopic root canal treatment.

    microscopic root canal treatment
    microscopic root canal treatment

    Microscopic root canal treatment has a great number of advantages that make the root canal treatment process easier and safer for you:

    • Helps to set up an accurate diagnosis and design an effective treatment plan.
    • The risk of tooth fracture or tooth fissure is reduced to a minimum during microscopic root canal treatment.
    • The amount of healthy tooth structure that has to be removed is reduced to a minimum.
    • The old root canal fillings which are not functional any more can be successfully removed and refilled with new filling material in a very precise way.
    • Root canals with an unusual shape and root canals that are invisible to the naked eye can be cleaned and filled.
    • Root canals that are not visible to the naked eye and those with unusual shapes can be cleaned and filled again.
    • Broken surgical instruments can be removed.
    • The treatment steps can be followed by both the patient and the assistant on a monitor mounted on the control panel of the treatment device.


    In our clinic we use LABOMED PRIMA DNT dental microscope for microscopic root canal treatments.

    This modern device provides you a permanent solution and maximum safety:

    • It is possible to vary the size of magnification.
    • 25-fold maximum magnification.
    • It has a sterilisable cap.
    • It has a 27-watt LED light that makes the work-environment transparent.
    • There are built-in coloured filters so that special areas can be treated, too.
    • It is flexible and is mounted on a column which makes it comfortable to use.

    What is the purpose of microscopic root canal treatment at Móricz Dental?

    • To stop the pain caused by the inflammation immediately so that it stops torturing you.
    • To keep your teeth free from complaints in the long run.
    • To successfully treat any focal disease that might cause you serious complaints.
    • To avoid root tip removal.
    • To avoid tooth extraction.

    Why should you have your treatment performed by a specialist?

    • Has specialised and up-to-date knowledge and experience in the field of successful microscopic root canal treatment.
    • Disposes of special instruments and technology to ensure precise, accurate and durable root canal treatment for you.
    • In complicated cases, using special materials enables to avoid root canal treatment (filling being sufficient)


    Professional background for successful root canal treatment

    In dentistry, as in many other areas of life, there has been a very rapid development, accompanied by even more modern background technology. As a result, specialisation in different dental areas (eg oral surgery, orthodontics, science of tooth decay, root canal treatment) is becoming more common. It is advisable to go for this option for a more reliable prognosis of root canal treatment. After all, “our own tooth is our best dental implant”.


    How is root canal treatment performed at Móricz Dental?

    The purpose of root canal treatment with a microscope is the same as in the traditional method: preserving the tooth in the long term. However, the method and approach are usually different and have some important additional features.

    In this case, advanced tools such as a dental microscope, ultrasonic cleaning device, laser and magnifying precision devices are used, in expert hands. The most important functions of these tools are accurate mapping of root canals, thorough cleaning and disinfection, and the filling of root canals.

    As a final step, an aesthetic filling or dental crown is placed to the root canal treated tooth.

    microscopic root canal treatment
    microscopic root canal treatment


    Most frequently asked questions about root canal treatment

    How much different is microscopic root canal treatment compared to simple, conventional root canal treatment?

    Each step of the treatment is done by looking at the tooth through a microscope, which can be magnified up to 15-20x. It is true, it takes longer because it is slower, but that’s why we only lose as much tooth material as we really have to. We also notice details that may not be visible to the naked eye, so you can work more precisely. The cleanliness of the inside of the tooth can be better seen. It is safer to use different cleaning tools and disinfectants. Finally, the filling will close more precisely as well.

    All in all: the purpose of root canal treatment is more feasible, so that neither bacteria will remain inside the tooth nor return later.


    Is microscopic root canal treatment more uncomfortable than traditional root treatment?

    It might be, just because it takes longer. But it is possible to change position, and if necessary, a small „biting tool” helps to keep the mouth open longer. It may be unusual to have a small rubber sheet placed in front of your mouth, but this is no particular problem as we explain the extra protection that this gives to the patient and tooth.


    When should you consult a specialist? How do I know if the old, simple root canal treatment method is enough for me?

    Many people only turn to a specialist if they want to extract their old, complained, root-treated teeth and, as the last straw, hope for the success of microscopic root canal treatment. It is worthwhile to choose the safest procedure already for your first root canal treatment. Because there is a greater chance that there will be no problems with that tooth in the long run. It depends on many small details, whether or not bacteria remain in the tooth, and this can make or break the success of the treatment. A specialist with the appropriate professional knowledge, technological background and experience can achieve much better results.

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