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    What kind of dental treatments are you interested in:

    How can you find your ideal tooth replacement?

    When you lose a tooth, you can choose from several different tooth replacement options

    Having new replacement teeth prepared is a very difficult decision. We would like to help you in making this decision. First of all, you have to know that missing teeth damage healthy teeth and your general health.

    tooth replacement

    The following options provide you the greatest safety:

    1. As soon as possible, have a clear and unambiguous picture of the condition of your teeth and the dental procedures you have to undergo. In our clinic you have the opportunity to get this information immediately and free of charge. You only have to dial +36 1 / 361 -1222.
    2. You have to find a dental clinic that offers you a solution. That is in line with your ideas and possibilities, in a short time, and with the best value for money.
    3. You should be given a written treatment plan. That clearly shows exactly what kinds of dental procedures you need the time needed for these procedures and the exact costs.

    4. You have to decide which solution, tooth replacement provides the best results for you.

    5. You have to fit the tooth replacement procedure into your life. (We are aware of the fact that having procedures in Hungary is a serious decision for you, because it is more time-consuming than having the treatment in your own country. To compensate for this, in the planning of your treatment we adapt the treatment to your schedule in every case, so as to make travelling the least possible inconvenience for you).

    We provide you maximum help in solving such problems. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions:  call +36 1 / 361 -1222, where you will get professional answers in English.

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