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    Digital 3D Green CT

    Focusing on the highest quality of patient care – 3D Green CT by Vatech

    One of the most important prerequisites of a successful treatment is for your dentist to have a clear and definite picture of the state of your teeth. The precise diagnosis is especially important in the case of implantation, bone grafting treatments, the treatment of periodontal diseases and dental surgery.

    In December 2013, a new technology has been added to the array digital diagnostic appliances in our clinic: a Vatech Pax-i 3D digital panoramic X-ray machine with a built-in Cone Beam CT. This state-of-the-art diagnostic device uses green technology and it allows us to set up the most precise diagnosis possible as well as to plan personalized treatments.

    You can take advantage of this new device:


    • You do not have to go to an independent X-ray centre in case you need an X-ray.
    • We provide the X-ray image and the 3D Green CT image at the lowest price on the market: the combined price of the two images is €50, that is, half of the market price. (We can offer this price because the machine uses green technology.)CT felvétel 3
    • Due to this innovative device, you are protected from unwanted radiation: the machine burdens the human body as little as possible.
    • We need only 5.9 seconds to perform the Green CT scan.
    • During the diagnostic analysis of the Green CT scan and the planning of your personalized treatment, we use the brand new Ez3D-i software.
    • Due to the ‘GREEN’ technology, the machine protects the environment and allows us to preserve it for the next generation.

    Taking a panoramic X-ray might seem familiar to you. What about Coan Beam CT?

    CT tervezés
    CT tervezés

    During a Green CT scan the radiation source and the sensor take pictures while rotating around the patient’s head. A computer program constructs 2D image slices from these pictures. The 2D image slices are stacked together by the computer to generate a 3D image of the patient’s whole denture and bony substance. With the help of computer programs, we prepare pictures from this data set in order to set up the diagnosis.


    What should you do if you want to get a precise diagnosis of the state of your teeth?

    Naturally, this state-of-the-art diagnostic device is available to you, too. Call + 36 1 36 11 222 in order to use this service. Now you will also get a diagnosis and a treatment plan for free.

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