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    Dental hygiene treatment

    The dental hygiene treatment includes all sorts of treatments that provide cleanliness in the oral cavity in order to maintain tooth integrity and prevent infections. These treatments can be performed by a dentist or a dental hygienist.

    Dental hygiene generally include preventive dental treatments. Examples include tartar removal, tooth cleaning, gum and gum pocket treatment. In addition, the aim of dental hygiene treatments is to educate about health. As part of this, the dental hygienist will show you the technique of good dental care and provide you with personalised advice.


    When do you need dental hygiene treatments?

    Dental hygiene became nowadays an essential part of any dental treatment. A dental hygienist is a qualified assistant working with a dentist and is therefore an indispensable member of a modern dental clinic’s team.

    dental hygiene treatment


    Dental hygiene at Móricz Dental


    Ultrasonic tartar removal

    An important task in oral hygiene is the removal of tartar, which is the first step in almost every dental treatment, if it is needed. The primary purpose of dental hygiene treatment is the special cleaning of the oral cavity to prevent infection. The presence of tartar hinders this purpose, and therefore regular removal of tartar is necessary.

    During the treatment, the ultrasound device removes plaque, discolouration and tartar from the tooth surface. During this process teeth are washed and cooled with water. The amount of tartar formation varies from person to person, but everyone should repeat the treatment every six months. This may coincide with the half-year dental check-up that would anyway be required.

    Because oral hygiene also includes health education, after tartar removal, the dental hygienist advises on how to clean your teeth at home to help prevent tartar formation.


    Tooth cleaning and polishing

    Tooth cleaning and polishing is also a task of dental hygiene treatment, enabling to create the basics of proper oral hygiene. Completely smooth, clean tooth surfaces are less likely to develop tartar. By developing and following good dental care habits, you can prevent the build-up of tartar again.

    dental hygiene treatment

    Intraoral sandblasting

    The pleasantly flavoured cleansing powder removes the stubborn dirt and plaque without damaging the tooth surface. This treatment is also part of dental hygiene treatments. During treatment, high pressure water jets are used to blow the cleaning powder onto the tooth surface. The primary goal of this treatment is to completely clean the hard-to-reach indentations and grooves. This dental hygiene may be a complementary treatment to the removal of tartar. It also may be used for cleaning before dental groove closing and tooth whitening.


    Gum and pouch treatment

    In the final phase of a dental hygiene treatment, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory solutions are applied to the gums. The gum and gum pocket treatment not only kills bacteria in the gum pockets, but also stimulates wound healing if needed and restores the body’s local defense response. This treatment is already done by a periodontal specialist if needed.


    Oral hygiene consultation

    The basic condition of dental treatments is that the gums are in good healthy condition. Even the slightest gingivitis can be a threat and may lead to failure of precise interventions. Therefore, proper dental hygiene is very important before any dental intervention.

    Gingivitis also has health and tooth damaging effects (eg focal diseases, premature birth, heart disease, periodontal disease). The most important goal of dental hygiene treatments is prevention and oral hygiene consultation to prevent these conditions from developing.

    During the treatment, we draw your attention to the cleaning of critical areas and present and explain the professional home oral hygiene methods and tools (eg dental floss, interdental toothbrush, electric toothbrush and oral shower, plaque staining tablets).

    How can you prevent the development of an inflammatory condition with dental hygiene treatment?

    The most important step in preventing inflammations is prevention. Therefore we recommend that you visit Móricz Dental.

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