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    Aesthetic fillings

    If you see signs of caries on your teeth or they become sensitive, fractured or damaged, or are discoloured, you most likely need fillings. Our goal at our dental clinic in Budapest is to provide an aesthetic, durable, fast and painless solution to this problem. To receive more information about your ideal aesthetic fillings, please continue reading or call +36 1 3611 222. Book a consultation appointment where you will obtain an answer all your questions and concerns about the risks.

    aesthetic fillings
    aesthetic fillings

    Tooth decay and its successful treatment with aesthetic fillings at our dental clinic in Budapest

    Tooth decay is the most common complaint that makes us consult a dentist. This dental disease caused by bacteria is often accompanied by unpleasant symptoms: sensitivity, pain, unpleasant breath.

    If you notice these symptoms, contact our dental clinic as soon as possible. Delaying has a high price: sudden toothache, a bigger treatment at a higher cost.

    Prevent all this by attending a consultation.



    Find out about fillings in our dental clinic in Budapest

    Fillings provide a quick, durable and aesthetic solution to several dental problems: discoloured, cracked, broken, sensitive or painful teeth. Preparing them is a routine procedure that takes place under local anaesthesia, so it does not painful. They stop further tooth decay and the spreading of caries on adjacent healthy teeth.


    Necessity and types of aesthetic fillings in our dental clinic in Budapest

    We might think that a filling is just a filling. However, the science of dentistry offers more precise solutions to the different dental problems. Groove fillings, aesthetic fillings, inserts (inlay, onlay), composite veneers.

    Dental fillings in our clinic in Budapest

    What is a good filling like? One that eliminates pain and sensitivity, restores chewing ability and provides a long lasting solution to the problem. And that is not painful because it is made under local anaesthesia. It is ready in one treatment. And another thing, we think a filling is really good if it is natural and aesthetic. So much so that you can not tell when looking into the mirror which tooth has just been filled.


    How is an aesthetic filling made in our dental clinic in Budapest?

    Aesthetic fillings are simple and fast treatments. It is possible to fill several teeth during one treatment. After local anaesthesia, the dentist removes the decayed parts and after proper preparation, builds the filling in several layers. In case of a larger tooth deficiency, the dental laboratory will manufacture a dental insert.


    Aesthetic inlays and onlays at our dental clinic in Budapest

    Caries are usually treated with aesthetic fillings. If larger cavities are formed in the tooth at decay removal, a conventional aesthetic filling will not provide sufficient safety. This is when inlays and onlays come into focus.

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    The price of aesthetic dental filling in our dental clinic in Budapest.

    Although aesthetic filling is not the most complex dental treatment, it is still worthwhile coming for an aesthetic dental consultation. Your options range from simple aesthetic fillings to premium restorations to meet highest aesthetic needs.

    Find out about the possibilities and prices of dental fillings at our dental clinic in Budapest during a personal consultation.

    To book a consultation appointment, call the number +36 1 3611 222. We look forward to welcoming you.

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