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Dental Clinic


Móricz Dental Esztétikai Fogászat és Implantációs Centrum ügyfélszolgálat


Waiting room

We have created a waiting room where familiar comfort, soothing colours and shapes and an ambient temperature controlled by air-conditioning provide a calming effect on our patients during the short time they spend there before they enter the treatment rooms.

Our dental treatment rooms

The treatment rooms are air-conditioned. These rooms are pleasant and friendly without compromising hygiene requirements. To be able to provide our patients with the highest quality service, we have furnished our treatment rooms with modern chairs and dental equipment in accordance with European Union standards.



Treatment units

Exclusive equipment, elegant design and trendsetting convenience ensure fluid work sequences and allows adequate expression of ones advanced techniques and skills.

Anatomically shaped soft upholstery to ensure the patient is positioned in a relaxed manner.


Your safety is paramount

Sterilizáló helyiség ISO Budapest
Sterilizáló helyiség ISO Budapest

We are very particular about cleanliness and sterility. Our procedures are in accordance with the standards set by the National Public Health and Medical Service and we receive regular supervisory visits from the Institute.

We use single-use disposable personal protection equipment (rubber gloves, masks) and treatment implements (cups, saliva ejectors, napkins, syringes, needles etc.) in all possible cases.

The surfaces of the treatment unit with which the patient and the surgeon come in contact are disinfectedafter each person. The inside of the suction apparatus is also regularly disinfected.

Sterile instruments and equipment undergo hot air sterilisation. We pay special attention to dangerous waste, which is carefully collected and disposed of in accordance with the regulations.



The Beyond Power Whitening System features the Beyond Whitening Accelerator. The 30 minute Beyond procedure oxidizes the pigmentation of 16 or more teeth through to the dentin layer, restoring them to a beautiful, natural white.


Dentálhigiénia, ultrahangos fogkőeltávolítás


X-ray – planmeca

Digitális diagnosztika 3D green CT


Intraligamental syringes

Ergonomic and technical syringes for every kind of anaesthesia, especially intraligamental and intraseptal. New progressive mechanism which differs from the usual ratchet design, and makes the injection very quiet and smooth therefore less painful for the patient. A system of levers is used to reduce the force required to administer the injection.


Infiltration and conduction anesthesia.



Orál kamera használata fogászati kezelés alkalmával


Coronaflex -kavo

The dental prosthesis removal system. With this intelligent technique, crowns, bridges and temporary prostheses are safely removed – and potentially can therefore also be reused. Short and painless.


Propex – apex locator – maillefer

Multi frequency approach implemented in ProPex enables to locate apical foramen with great precision in any canal condition


Endoflash – kavo



Scaler – kavo

Slim tips for gentle and safe removal of hard supragingival tartar.


Prophyflex – kavo

  • Fast and pain-free removal of plaque and discoloration
  • Polishing after tartar removal
  • Cleaning of enamel before etching for subsequent fissure sealing
  • Preparation of cavities for better bonding between enamel and filling material





Elipar freelight 2 led curing light – 3m espe

The latest advancement in LED curing technology. Ideal for composites, compomers, adhesives and light-cured glass ionomer materials, this next-generation, high-intensity universal light polymerization device is now built for speed.


Kavo intrasurg 300 plus



Dentaport zx


If you would like to be informed about possible dental solutions, want to get accurate information about dental treatment, please visit our clinic for a personal consultation.
Call us at phone number  +36 1 36 11 222 or send an e-mail to with your questions, if you have a panoramic X-ray image, please send us it too.